GEM COATINGS INC. applies powder coating processes to industrial, commercial and consumer products at competitive prices.  For more information please call (740) 589-2998 or email
GEM Coatings is a multi-faceted Organization with a 50,000 square foot production facility located in Athens Ohio. While our specialty is Powder Coating we have the capacity and knowledge to fabricate, assemble and finish Metal & Wire components. Flexibility is one of our strengths.
We are able to offer our customers, quality processing, commitment to customer delivery schedules, and an affordable & competitive price scale. We provide a wide array of solutions to the needs identified by the customer, including prototyping and sample products.

A specialty Powder coating line is utilized in the finishing of truck parts, motorcycle frames, & wheel rims (non-chrome), and unique requirements. We are able to quickly produce samples for the customer.

State-of-the-art technologies allow us to provide our customers with fast, cost-effective, quality fabrication services with an array of finishing methods. Additionally we are able to assemble, warehouse, and package products to meet customer requirements, and other pretreatment processes assures components, become quality products.

Our in house facilities are able to refurbish Trucks Beds, Trailers, Farm Tractors, heavy equipment and replace or upgrade hydraulic and delivery systems. The refurbishing process provides you with many options. It's not uncommon for a refurbished vehicle to change significantly in appearance and usefulness from the earlier model. Most parts can be upgraded - pumps, hoses, plumbing, tanks, storage, paint, and safety insignias, etc. Newer Government and safety standards are factored in the refurbishing process assuring a longer life cycle for the equipment.
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